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Check out our gallery of hairstyles. Click on your favourite style for a larger image that you can print and share with your stylist.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Julie 7


Perfect Layers

With her long, bouncy layers and rich hair color, Julie is sure to make a lasting impression - thanks to her stylist at Magicuts.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Kristen 8


Graduated A-Line

Kristen's haircut from Magicuts salon boasts clean lines, volume and style, and shows off Kristen's fun personality.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Erik 5


Classic Style

Erik visits his local Magicuts hair salon to get a classic taper haircut which is perfect for his on-the-go lifestyle.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Yvonne 10


Carefree Waves

Yvonne's haircut features long layers and the perfect blonde hue. Her wavy hair is great for all seasons.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Vanessa 9


Playing it Straight

Vanessa is carefree and loves her long, shiny layers. This haircut fits her lifestyle because it is easy to manage.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Alex 1


Clean Cut

Alex keeps his haircut looking fresh by visiting his local Magicuts. He has clean lines on the sides and a little extra length on the top for an updated look.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Brianna 2


Soft Curls

This classic bob haircut gives Brianna style. Whether she wants to keep it straight or add a bounce of curl, she gets the look she wants at Magicuts.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Candace 3


Straight Layers

Versatile long layers make the most of Candace's natural texture. She visits her local Magicuts to keep her haircut fresh.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Devin 4


Take on Texture

To keep his clipper fade haircut looking good, Devin visits his nearest Magicuts location and he is ready for anything.

MAG Style Gallery 334x421 Erin 6


Modern Classic

Erin loves her haircut. The layers and fringe provide laid-back style and texture - all at a great value from Magicuts.